Would you like to make a leasing or financing? We offer these options in cooperation with Cembra.

What is a leasing?

With a lease, a down payment is made, which may not be more than half the price of the vehicle. The value of the vehicle is paid off in instalments with a certain interest rate. The duration of the lease can be determined by the customer and usually lasts between one and five years. Instalment insurance can also be added to provide cover in difficult situations such as job loss. In addition, a residual value is determined, i.e. how much the vehicle will still be worth at the end of the lease. You then have the option of paying off the vehicle in full. The lease can be in the name of a private individual or a company. In the case of a lease, you will receive a so-called code 178 "change of keeper prohibited" on the vehicle registration document.

What is financing?

Financing is a loan. This means that you receive the money to obtain the vehicle. With financing, you also have to pay the full amount, so there is no residual value to pay. The interest rate is usually higher than with leasing. With financing, you do not receive a code in the vehicle registration document. 

What documents do I need to prepare for an application?

For a leasing or financing application, we need the completed form that we send you, a copy of your ID or passport (front and back) and your last three salary statements. 

There are individual differences between applications and so additional documents may be required in some circumstances.

How much do I have to pay?

We are happy to provide quotes for various terms, deposits and residual values. Please fill out the leasing form.

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